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Alliance Business Capital appreciates the opportunity to assist you with your current and future Hospitality Financing needs.

One of the things we have learned over the last several years is that proper packaging of a Hotel Loan request can make the difference between obtaining a Loan Approval or being denied.

We have designed our own loan package and we require use of Alliance Loan Forms when submitting a Hotel Loan request to Alliance. 

Our Hotel Loan Forms

Please use the following forms to submit a loan to Alliance.

The following forms are required on all SBA Loans. We need these forms on all owners holding a 20% or more ownership interest in the borrowing entity.

We will need the applicable items before we can obtain an LOI from an Alliance Lending Partner.

  • Copy of Articles of Organization on Borrowing Entity
  • Copy of current Note(s) – (if refinancing)
  • Copy of Purchase Contract – if this is a purchase
  • Copy of most recent mortgage company statement(s) if this is a refinance
  • Copy of most recent Property Appraisal
  • Digital Photos of the Subject Property – need interior and exterior
  • Copy of most recent STR Report
  • Copy of any outstanding PIP

In order to use our loan forms, simply click on the form link and then save to your computer.

We suggest making a folder on your desktop which can be done by going to your desktop and right clicking. Then download the loan forms into that folder.

You can type directly on the forms themselves and when complete email them back to as an attachment.

If you need assistance please contact us.

Questions, Comments or Need Assistance

At Alliance Business Capital your Business matters. We appreciate all of our Borrowers.

If you need assistance with any of our Loan Forms or have a question about one of our Hotel Loan Programs please do not hesitate to Contact Us

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you with any of your Hotel Financing needs.